Variogate® 30, Guillotine-Device

The guillotine model can be used where there is limited space behind the loading area. This problem occurs when there is insufficient space for the outswing or a lateral displacement of the load.

Suitable for loads as follows

  • Height: 2.100 mm
  • Choice of widths: 1.200, 1.600, 2.000 and 2.600 mm*
  • Depth: 1.400 mm

Installation space dimensions

  • Height: 3.375 mm
  • Width: 1.600, 2.000, 2.400 and 3.000 mm
  • Depth:
    Fixed supports:                  350 mm
    Sliding component:           1.600 mm

* These widths take into account space needed to manoeuvre on both sides.

Standard Colour, yellow, RAL 1028.
The VARIOGATE®-30 has a TUV-Type-approval.

Let us help you choose the right solution for your situation!


For situations where the specifications of the VARIOGATE-30® series do not meet your requirements, Haagh Protection can provide you with a customized solution. This could be the case when, for example, there is a (fire)door or with bigger load sizes.