VARIOGATE® acts as a lock that either pivots over or moves around the goods transported. This protects people in the vicinity of a VARIOGATE® on different floors from being injured, as it forms a barrier between the staff members on one floor, and the load on a forklift truck or lifting mechanism on a lower floor.

The VARIOGATE® also prevents goods from falling down and therefore helps to prevent passers-by from getting injured and goods on lower floors from being damaged. Using a VARIOGATE® creates ideal safety conditions for pallet lifting points on entresols and mezzanine floors. A VARIOGATE® system delivered by Haagh Protection ensures that lifting points are never unintentionally left open again!

The available space, dimensions of the loads and method of transportation are of course unique for every location. This is why various standard and custom solutions are available for virtually every situation. We look forward to helping you choose the right safety gate for your requirements. Just contact the experts at Haagh Protection, and we will help you determine your ideal solution at no charge.

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