TUV Certificate

Passing of TÜV Certification: The Highest standards

Variogate is proud to announce that our organization has successfully passed the rigorous TÜV certification, a testament to our commitment to excellence in design, manufacturing, and quality management. This significant achievement encompasses several key standards, each critical to ensuring the highest levels of safety, reliability, and quality in our products.

Design and Manufacturing According to EN 1090-1

Our design and manufacturing processes have been certified to meet the stringent requirements of EN 1090-1. This standard specifies the requirements for the execution of steel and aluminum structures, ensuring that our products are designed and manufactured with utmost precision and reliability. Achieving this certification demonstrates our capability to produce structural components that meet the highest European standards for safety and performance.

Railings According to EN 14122-3

We have also met the requirements of EN 14122-3 for our railing systems. This standard focuses on the safety of railings as part of machinery, ensuring that our railings provide the necessary protection to prevent falls and accidents. By adhering to EN 14122-3, we guarantee that our railings are designed and installed to offer maximum safety and compliance with industry regulations.

Welded Parts According to EN-ISO 9606

Our welding procedures and the competence of our welders have been validated in accordance with EN-ISO 9606. This standard specifies the qualification testing of welders for fusion welding of steels and other materials. Passing this certification confirms that our welded parts are produced with the highest quality and craftsmanship, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of our products.

Quality Management System According to ISO 9001

Our Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard. This internationally recognized standard ensures that our processes are consistently improving, and that we are committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 certification underscores our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our products and services are of the highest caliber.

Variogate and the Dutch “Glasparel-slingerproef”

In addition to the foregoing certifications, our Variogate has passed the Dutch “Glasparel-slingerproef” (Glass Bead Swing Test) as per NEN 6702. This test assesses the impact resistance and durability of materials, confirming that our Variogate can withstand harsh conditions and maintain its integrity under stress. Successfully passing this test further solidifies our Variogate as a robust and reliable solution in the market.

For more information you can also visit the following website from TÜV Netherlands: https://www.tuv.nl.