Variogate® 180

Suitable for loads as follows

  • Height: Unlimited
  • Choice of widths: 1.200 till 2.400 mm in accordance with customer requirements
  • Depth: 1.400-2.400 mm

Installation space dimensions

  • Height:  Device width +430 mm
  • Width: 1.700 till 3.000 mm
  • Depth: 1.650 – 3.000 mm

* Standard color: yellow, RAL 1028.

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Barrier device for use in situations in which the goods are transported directly to or from the rear. The upper barriers (front and rear) are equipped with a retraction mechanism that also supports operation, making the device light to operate. These retractable upper barriers keep the required installation height to a minimum.

As a special, this device can also be adapted in such a way that the barriers are mounted on the floor edge on the outside of a wall. This can offer a solution if the plug-in opening has a fire door that should never be blocked by the VARIOGATE®.

Please check our Variogate 180-DDM apparatus.