– Project Variogate 360

Project Overview: Custom Variogate 360 for Low Ceiling Spaces


In the complex world of warehouse logistics, optimizing space while ensuring the safe handling of loads is a crucial challenge, especially in areas with low ceilings. Variogates was approached by a client needing a specialized safety pallet gate capable of rotating 360 degrees to maximize space efficiency. The gate had to handle loads of any height without limitations, all within a low ceiling environment.

Project Requirements

The client required a safety pallet gate that could:

  • Rotate 360 degrees to maximize operational efficiency in low ceiling spaces.
  • Handle loads of any height, with no restrictions on load size.
  • Ensure robust safety measures for workers and goods during loading and unloading.
  • Integrate seamlessly into the existing warehouse layout without causing operational disruptions.

The Variogate 360 Rotating Device Solution

The Variogate 360 rotating device was identified as the perfect solution for this project. Known for its innovative design and versatility, the Variogate 360 was customized to meet the client’s specific requirements, providing an optimal solution for low ceiling spaces.

Key Features and Customizations:

  • 360-Degree Rotation: The Variogate 360 was designed to rotate fully, allowing for maximum flexibility and efficient use of space, particularly in environments with low ceilings. This feature ensured that the gate could be positioned optimally, regardless of spatial constraints.
  • No Height Limitations: The gate was engineered to handle loads of any height, providing versatility and adaptability for various load sizes without compromising safety.
  • Optimized for Low Ceilings: The Variogate 360’s design made it particularly suitable for low ceiling spaces, ensuring smooth operation without the risk of hitting overhead obstacles.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Robust safety mechanisms, including reinforced barriers and advanced locking systems, were integrated to provide maximum protection during loading and unloading processes.
  • Seamless Operational Integration: The customized Variogate 360 was designed to fit effortlessly into the client’s existing workflow, ensuring a smooth implementation process with minimal disruption.

Implementation and Results

The custom Variogate 360 was successfully implemented, yielding exceptional results:

  • Enhanced Safety: The robust design and advanced safety features significantly minimized the risk of accidents, ensuring the safety of both workers and goods.
  • Operational Efficiency: The 360-degree rotation capability allowed for flexible and efficient handling of loads, even in low ceiling spaces, improving overall productivity.
  • Space Optimization: The Variogate 360 maximized the use of available space, a crucial benefit in areas with height restrictions.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client praised Variogates for our innovative approach and dedication to addressing their unique challenges, expressing high satisfaction with the final solution.


The successful deployment of the customized Variogate 360 for handling loads in low ceiling spaces underscores Variogates’ commitment to providing tailored, high-quality safety solutions. Our ability to innovate and meet specific client challenges positions us as a leader in the industry. By prioritizing safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Variogates continues to be the trusted partner for all industrial safety requirements.

VARIOGATE 360 Project 1


Suitable for loads up to 1,500 kg
and very suitable for use in
combination with a hoist or crane
when (un)loading goods.
For example with Big Bags. It is also
very suitable in situations with a small
installation height available.

VARIOGATE 360 Project 2

Prevents damage to property and persons

Due to its unique rotation mechanism and construction
the Variogate 360 has no problems with
obstacles such as crane tracks, when in use.
Equipped on both sides with fencing as additional
protection this device is operated manually on the
floor itself.