Variogate Additionals

Additional Products for Variogate

When it comes to enhancing safety and efficiency in warehouse operations, the Variogate safety pallet gates stand out as a reliable solution. To further bolster their functionality and provide comprehensive safety measures, several additional products can be integrated with these gates. These accessories not only enhance the gate’s protective capabilities but also ensure a safer working environment. Below are some of the notable additions:

  1. Checkered Plate for Protection of the Floor and Floor Edge:
    • Description: A durable, checkered plate designed to protect the floor and the edge of the floor from wear and tear caused by heavy machinery and pallets.
    • Benefits: Provides a non-slip surface to prevent accidents, increases the longevity of the floor by distributing weight more evenly, and protects the floor edge from chipping and damage.
  2. Mounting Material for Concrete Floor (Impact Anchors):
    • Description: High-strength impact anchors specifically designed for securing the Variogate to concrete floors.
    • Benefits: Ensures a firm and stable installation, prevents the gate from shifting under heavy loads, and enhances overall safety by securing the gate firmly in place.
  3. Counter Plates for Mounting the Variogate on a Thin Wooden or Slatted Floor:
    • Description: Reinforced counter plates that provide additional support when mounting the Variogate on less robust surfaces like thin wooden or slatted floors.
    • Benefits: Distributes the load to prevent damage to the floor, ensures a stable installation even on weaker surfaces, and enhances the safety and durability of the gate setup.
  4. Side Plinths to Mount on the Variogate:
    • Description: Side plinths that can be added to the Variogate to provide additional side protection.
    • Benefits: Helps in containing materials outside the gate area, prevents items from slipping off the sides, and provides an additional layer of safety by enclosing the gate’s sides.
  5. Additional Fencing to Cover Up the Open Area:
    • Description: Extra fencing that can be used to close off open areas around the Variogate.
    • Benefits: Prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas, ensures that items do not fall through open spaces, and enhances the overall safety and security of the pallet gate system.
  6. Safety Netting to Prevent Small Goods from Falling Down:
    • Description: Durable safety netting designed to catch and prevent smaller items from falling through gaps or off the edges of the pallet gate.
    • Benefits: Minimizes the risk of injury from falling objects, ensures smaller goods are safely contained, and adds an extra layer of protection to the overall safety system.

By incorporating these additional products, the Variogate safety pallet gates can be customized to meet specific safety requirements and operational needs. Each accessory plays a vital role in enhancing the safety, durability, and functionality of the gate system, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment.